Building a Winning Partnership

Telecom and Low Voltage Industry Insiders on the Frontlines

When you’re seeking a partner to help you find the right talent to help your business succeed, you want to work with professionals who know the industry. It makes all the difference when you’re sitting across the table from people who understand the nature of projects like large commercial installations, government contracts, and hyperscale data centers being built from the ground up.

Mike Schiano, a managing partner at Fieldlink, has helped build a hand-picked team of recruiting and staffing professionals with a laser-like focus on the needs of systems integrators. It’s a model that results in unmatched synergy in relationships with candidates and clients.

“We’ve got people from the field on our frontlines. They can assess candidates’ skills and build supportive relationships around helping them find their career path within the industry,” Shiano said. Fieldlink’s recruiters know the ins and outs of the construction business, the importance of safety and training, and what work opportunities suit each employee. Schiano explains, “We don’t send someone who has only installed A/V in a residential setting to pull cable for an enterprise-level cabling project.”

The Inside Track for Strategic Solutions

Schiano, co-managing partner Joe Rosenfeld, and Fieldlink’s recently hired President, Jeff Greer, all have deep roots working for, and with, systems integrators. Their approach of understanding the nuance of client needs fuels their quest to continuously improve processes and develop new solutions. “Because we have a depth of industry insight that other staffing companies cannot match, we can be extremely proactive in serving our clients. For example, we are seeing a dynamic shift in the market with more talent becoming available, and we are anticipating that our clients may need to retain talent on contract for longer periods,” Schiano said. To continue to deliver the best talent at varied levels, Schiano said that Fieldlink offers benefits for staffing employees that compare with direct employees. “We aren’t the typical staffing company. We are very much driven to care for people, including providing medical, dental, and vision benefits, 401K, and even paid time off.”

Creating a Routine of Close-Knit Communications

Sticking close to clients is one of the ways Fieldlink has built its reputation for service excellence and attention to detail. Schiano says, “We spend time understanding project needs on the front end. There can be nuances with every new requisition, and our due diligence process helps determine how we can set people up for success. For example, do we need to provide Lift and Ladder Safety training? Do we need to do testing or find candidates with specific certifications?”

Their focus on communication isn’t just front-loaded; it’s an ongoing commitment. According to Schiano, the greatest success comes from building trust and maintaining transparency. “We stay in touch with clients and candidates throughout the day, if need be, whether we’ve got good news, bad news, or no news.” Schiano says that he’s proud of Fieldlink’s growing team of recruiters, specialists, and operations professionals, “It’s amazing how willing everyone is to go the extra mile for a client or candidate or to help each other.”

The Future is Bright

Daily huddles happen virtually across Fieldlink, with recruiters swapping knowledge about talent and client opportunities. “We really get excited when our clients come to us with a challenge,” Schiano said. “We have great partnerships that keep our business evolving. Through our daily dialogues and conversations at all levels of our organization, we continue to gain new insights and seize opportunities to help empower success.”

Schiano said that Fieldlink is exploring programs to further support career paths and professional development that leads to bigger and better employment opportunities. He said, “It never grows old hearing about how people grow in this career path and the impact that has on them and their families.”